Learn the best ways to plan your bathroom tile installation with five simple tips. 

Planning a bathroom tile installation can be exciting. However, your project could quickly become a disaster without the right information. That is why our contractors at Cape Artisan Tile created a list of five tips to consider when choosing products for your installation.

1. Pick a “Must-Have” From Your Bathroom Tile Selection

Your dream design has to start somewhere. Consider the aesthetic you are trying to accomplish with your new tiling. Do you want to create a sleek modern space or complement a more rustic style?

Choose one item from your bathroom tile selection as a jumping-off point. This method will help a contractor understand your vision and make appropriate design recommendations.

Picket tile bathroom shower

2. Keep to a Max of Three Bathroom Tile Designs

You don’t want to go too over-the-top with your bathroom tile designs. Try sticking to a maximum of three tiles to get the most out of your home improvements. Remember to use your must-have choice as a guide.

Consider experimenting with different colors of the same pattern or vice versa. Ask yourself some basic design questions. For example, do you want to match the shower walls with your floor tiles?

Every installation is different, so don’t be afraid to explore your options.

3. Stick to One “Wow” Element

The best bathroom tile installations include one “Wow” element or something that really catches the eye. These features can be as subtle or extravagant as you want.

Suppose you want to focus on your shower tile. In this case, it may help to contrast lighter wall colors with a striking dark trim. This solution makes a big statement without off-putting the overall quality of the design.

4. Be Mindful of Maintenance

Cleaning your bathroom floors and walls is never fun. Nevertheless, regularly cleaning your tile ensures that you get the longest life out of your new bathroom installation. 

Not every type of tile requires the same amount of attention. Remember to clean products like natural stone tile often and check the sealing. Bathroom water and humidity can quickly deteriorate these products if you neglect your duties.

Also, try to avoid placing heavy objects near glass tiling. These installations can create a beautiful look for your bathroom but can break easily.

mosaic tile bathroom stall

5. Pick an Experienced Tile Contractor

Never attempt a DIY bathroom tile installation. This strategy will surely cost you more money in materials and repairs than investing in the alternative. Our experienced contractors from Cape Artisan Tile have the necessary tools and resources to plan and execute your design without issue.

Our team will work tirelessly to understand your dream bathroom installation and deliver outstanding results. You can enjoy expert advice and communication throughout the process. Save time and money on your next project by partnering with our experienced designers.

Why wait any longer to get the bathroom tile installation you deserve? Schedule an in-home consultation with Cape Artisan Tile today. Call the Norwell, MA, office at (781) 620-7943.